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kushi(in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Of the gladdest moments in human life is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of Habit, the leaden weight of Routine, the cloack of many Cares and the slavery of Home, one feels once more happy. The blood flows with the fast circulation of childhood… A journey, in fact appeals to Imagination, to Memory, to Hope, – the three sisters Graces of our moral being.

Richard Francis Burton

(my view on academic life)
There were categories of burglars just as there were categories of bankers and meat-packers and shoemakers and physicians. There was no such thing as just a burglar, Gerald said, and always when he said this he would bang a fist onto a table or into his palm. There were scientific burglars and daredevil burglars and burglars who moved like turtles and burglars who darted in like spears. There were gentle burglars and semi-gentle burglars and of course there were the lowdown sons of bitches who were never content unless they followed it up with a blackjack or switchblade or bullet. But the big thing to remember, Gerald would say, was this necessity of being a fine burglar, a clean and accurate operator, and honorable inside, damn it, an honorable burglar.

David Goodis, The Burglar

Her supposition that I was melancholy because I was alone put me out of humor. I’m used to traveling alone. I live, like every real man, in my work. On the contrary, that’s the way I like it and I think myself lucky to live alone, in my view this is the only possible condition for men, I enjoy waking up and not having to say a word. Where is the woman who can understand that? Even the question as to how I have slept vexes me, because my thoughts are already beyond that, I’m used to thinking ahead, not backward, I’m used to planning. Caresses in the evening, yes, but I can’t stand caresses in the morning, and frankly more than three or four days with one woman has always been for me the beginning of dissimulation, no man can stand feelings in the morning. I’d rather wash dishes!

Max Frisch, Homo Faber